Second wave of ailments . . .

September 26 … It was the fourth time I experienced serious palpitations. The first three were probably triggered by drinking too much coffee-vanilla. The latest was caused by the argument I had with my boyfriend during Ondoy.

October 2 … I went to Medical City (SM Fairview) to have my heart checked up. The cardiologist suspected a lot of causes (kidney, thyroid, lungs, blood, heart, caffeine intake and anxiety attacks). It was the beginning of a series of  other check ups.

October 11 … I skipped work again because I had a 2D-ECHO scheduled. This was my first time taking that lab test and I almost freaked out when my heart made some weird noises! LoL! I also had a blood sample taken, an X-Ray and ECG.

October 16 … I had rhinitis and I could barely breathe through my nose. This was probably caused by the unpredictable weather conditions. I went to the clinic three times. Despite that, the company nurse refused to send me home early and my supervisor cannot do anything about it. It was one of the most irritating times of my life.

October 17 … I skipped work again and went back to Medical City. By this time, I’ve already recognized the nurses and they too have become familiar with me. The ENT doctor gave me 1 day of bed rest. I met up with Jeiro to lend her my red wig. I was also happy when I told her that I can go to EK the next day!!! I also told Dada about it. He was against it at first but we settled it. I really love him! ♥

October 18 … I woke up and my rhinitis is gone — so was my voice! That didn’t prevent me from going to the Enchanted Kingdom though! Even without a voice, I can still have fun! [link to “OtakonEK 2009”]

October 19 … I skipped work again to meet up with the cardiologist. All tests indicated that I am very healthy – especially my heart. She wanted me to take Pulmonary tests but I cannot afford anymore time on it unless I file a long medical leave. The bills also amounted to P15k (that’s about 315 US dollars) so I am very thankful because we have MediCard (HMO). I just concluded that it might be my anxieties causing everything.

October 21-24 … I was absent the whole week because my voice has not fully recovered. I went back to the ENT and he diagnosed that it’s an acute laryngitis. The Operations Manager then asked for a “Fit-to-work” certificate. I never filed any.

November 7 … My sleeping problems has taken its toll. While I was taking a nap, I experienced “Sleep Paralysis” and it was one of the most terrifying things that happened to me. It wasn’t just because I couldn’t move nor talk during that ordeal, I was also having auditory hallucinations. I was really scared! I am very grateful to my boyfriend because he was the one who woke me up. If he wasn’t there, I might’ve died. [link to “Hypnagogia . . .”]

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