MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 1)

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG)is a type of game that allows hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of people on a large area to gather around, interact and play in a virtual world simultaneously. Some MMORPG’s last for years and hold events like tournaments and guild meetings.

This contains the MMORPG’s that I have played and are currently playing. (yes, quite a long list!)


Philippine Ragnarok Online [link]


pRO is the mother of all MMORPG’s in the Philippines (well, OzWorld was the first MMO here but I don’t know if it’s considered an RPG or just merely a chat game)!!! I was one of the ßeta players of pRO. Back then, only 100 people were playing in the Chaos server. It was really fun and I got a chance to speak with the GMs in-game and IRL. I also took part in the events and even won an artbook signed by Myoung-Jin Lee (creator of the Ragnarok manhwa).

The avatars of pRO are 2D isometric figures roaming around a 3D environment. There are numerous job classes available and thousands of equipment to choose from. Only the head gears, weapons and shields are visible, though. The armors stay the same and you can never tell what armors a player has until you hit him/her with all your might.

The pets are tamed monsters from different maps. I know I’ve collected ALL of the available pets in-game. LoL! During the ßeta days of pRO, it was hard to tell if a pet was hungry or not because there are no indicators. Still, all of my pets stayed with me, became loyal and very talkative so I know I took good care of them!

These are the characters I have in pRO (in order of appearance) … they also appeared in several pRO fanfics/fanarts I made:



1) Meiko (Knight) – a.k.a “Meiko of Chaos” … She is a hybrid STR-VIT knight who usually travelled alone. She was my ßeta character and one of the cutest! After a long hiatus from the Chaos server, a lot of people still recognized her when I did a short comeback. Yeah, she was very famous back then. LOL!

The story I created for her was that she’s a “partial soul” of an elf who fell in love with a human priest. In the fanfics I made, she always carries a plush doll of that priest. She often visited Raxis in his dreams and showed him the paths to take on their journeys.

2) Meifa – She is my mage-turned-archer character. She never reached 2nd job because I had to stop pRO for a while.

The side story I created for her was that she’s the wife of Hans Von Kroft (my ex-boyfriend’s Merchant) who ran an inn where Jayle works for.



1) – Rain – She is my Magnus Exorcismus Priest, the Ultimate Ghost Buster! Yeah, she travelled with boss hunters a lot as she can both be a support character and an Undead Killer. Hehehe~

In my fanfics, she served as caretaker of Meiko (Wizard) and blocks all of her suitors. Not that she’s a lesbian or anything… She just wants the “partial soul” to find the other halves of herself.

2) Danaera – She is my most famous character and is well-loved by everybody. Who wouldn’t love a Full-Support priestess? LoL! She’s one of the few characters who had a Glast Heim warp portal (until LUG erased it! GRRR!). With her, I met a lot of friends both online and IRL.

In my fanfics, she is a kidergarten teacher in Prontera who’s married to a Hunter named Rèéds. She initially taught Jayle the Play Dead and First Aid skills. LOL!

3.a) Meiko (Wizard) – She is an INT-VIT wizard which I used for the first half of my playtime in IRIS. Unfortunately, her build isn’t too useful in the longrun so I had to delete her.

In the fanfic I made, she is very calm and reserved. She knows that she is only a “partial soul” but she refuses to merge with the others.

3.b) Meiko (Hunter) – a.k.a. “Meiko of Iris” … She is my full DEX huntress. She’s supposed-to-be my main character but it’s uber hard to level her up alone. She’s a good trapper, though.

In my fanfics, she’s the another “partial soul” of the elf who fell in love with a human. She doesn’t recall any memory of her past and she’s a real b!+ch to strangers. She serves as the Head Huntress in Payon and guardian of Peone (the wife of Payon’s ruler in the Ragnarok Manhwa).

4) ~Jayle~ – She is my Overcharge-Discount (OC-DC) Merchant and is the main reason why all my characters have money. LOL! I initially wanted her to be a Crusader but my boyfriend told me that it’s best to have a Merchant as part of my stable of characters. At that time, Jayle was the only available candidate.

In my fanfics, she is my main character. She started out as a novice who wanted to become part of Prontera’s elite goup of Kights, like her idol, Meiko of Chaos. She travelled a lot with Raxis in search for clues on how they can return to their own dimension and she fell in love with him in the process. She gave up her dream of becoming a knight and helped the Von Krofts running their inn.

5) Elaise – she is a CRIT Knight I made for farming purposes.

In my fanfics, Elaise is the name of the elf who fell in love with a Priest. They were supposed to escape Geffenia when a curse was put on her, causing her souls to scatter around Midgard.


6) Yanagi Sakoshida – She is my INT-DEX ninja

In the fanfics, she is also in love with Raxis and she proclaimed herself as his girlfriend – which really annoys Jayle.

7) Pink Soda – She is my Gun Slinger. I made her just for fun. She retired early. LoL! She’s not a part in my fanfics.

Meiko of New ChaosDanaera of New ChaosJayle of New Chaos


My Boyfriend’s Characters :


1) Deers – He was originally intended as a Magnus Priest but when Dada recreated the character, he decided to go full-support for my huntress, Meiko. When Dada quit pRO, I still used Deers to help me finish quests and serve as a tanker.

In my fanfics, Deers is the human who fell in love with Elaise. He escaped the ordeal in Geffenia and promised to bring Elaise back to life by collecting all of her “partial souls”. In his quest to do so, he often crosses paths with Raxis and Jayle.

IRL, this is the Priest that Dada was supposed to bless me in my in-game wedding. Turned out, this priest ran away with the bride! LOL!

2) Rèéds – He is a DEX-LUK Hunter. His arrow damage isn’t that strong as pure DEX hunters but it’s greatly compensated by his Falcon. A lot of people in Glast Heim are annoyed at him due to his Auto-Blitz’s persistence. LOL! Because of that, she is Danaera’s favorite party member. XD

In my fanfic, he never appeared but Danaera did mention his name in one of her classes.

3) Riverstine – He is a CRIT knight that Dada used for farming and PvP purposes. He’s also not part of any fanfic I made but I used his name in place of “Deers”

4) Raxis – He is a Ninja I created when I tried maintaining Dada’s account. I didn’t use him much.

In my fanfics, Raxis is an Assassin who was drawn to Jayle in his quest to return to their own dimension. They first had a bit of an argument but when things got settled, he promised to assist Jayle in every way he can. Raxis is the one who holds Lucifer’s Lament, a key that can open the gates of ancient Geffenia. That’s why Deers is always after him (much to his annoyance) even though he always rejects him .

In my revised fanfic, I’m planning to make Raxis a Sage, to explain the reason why he can both wield a sword and cast magic spells.


This is also the most memorable game I played, as this is where I found my new love. My ex-boyfriend and I were supposed to be wed before he goes abroad but after several months of planning, “The Priest Ran Away with the Bride!” Hahaha, yeah, that’s how it started. I stopped playing pRO in two occasions. First time I halted was right after the ßeta days because I lost my job and got busy helping with my mom’s business. When I had the chance, I went back in the Iris server and stayed for another year. I completely halted playing pRO when I got swamped with work and was introduced to other MMOs.

How I met My Dada (The Priest who ran away with the Bride) [link]

My Ragnarok screenshots [link]

“War of Emperium” Best in Fanart – Senior Division [link]

“Ragnarok Online : Where Heroes Rise” Finalist [link]

My Stable of Characters [link]

(more Ragnarok fanarts in My DeviantArt gallery) [link]



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