MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 2)

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Rising Force Online – Philippines [link]

RF-Onlineis the second MMORPG I played. Like pRO, I also got addicted with it. It’s full 3D rendition and awesome graphics are really a big shift and it boasts its PvP among its other features.

I only got to make one character here, which is a cross-class Warrior-Summoner. My boyfriend has several characters, but his main was an Arch-Magus. He and his bestfriend usually helped me level up and gave me items.

I enjoyed pRO because I get to meet a lot of people, collect headgears and raise pets. In RF, they don’t have any of those. Sure, you get to meet people but only if you’re strong, active and politically-inclined. Yes, there’s a lot of politics and assholes in this game and that really ticked me off. PvP offers a good adrenaline rush but that’s only until you are KO’d with just one hit.

After less than a year, I decided to quit the game.

My Bellato cosplay [link]Mring’s Death Note — The BEST CORA ELITE EVAAAHH!!! [link]


Tales of Pirates [link]

ToP is an international MMORPG that is Free-to-Play. It’s also rendered in 3D and the characters are really adorable, equipped with super cute armors and pet systems!

ToP allows multiple game clients to be opened at the same time so I created two characters to keep me going, a cleric and a wizard.

Though the game is cute and all girl-ish, I got really ticked-off with their system. Monsters spawn on the exact location so you can just stay put in one spot and wait for it to come out. On top of that, kill-stealing is ALLOWED! WTF!

I stopped playing after two months, I think.


Rappelz [link]

Rappelz is a 3D MMORPG with similar characteristics of RF-Online. However, this game sucked big time. Everything about it is just so WRONG! The pets look HORRIBLE, the PvP stinks, the maps are confusing and the quests are soooooo tiresome even for a lowbie!

Maybe I was just too bored so I played this game. I am only thankful with this game because it reminded me to upgrade my RAM. Hehehee~


CABAL Online [link]

CABAL returned much of the trust I lost with MMORPG’s. Its graphics are better compared to most MMO’s I have tried.

The avatars have that angst-factor and it’s really jaw-dropping when a character executes a spell or a skill! It’s uber FLASHY! The background music also adds much excitement to the game. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

The levelling system is quite similar with RF-Online, wherein points for base and skill/spell are different. RF’s term to it is “PT” while in Cabal, we call it “skill-grinding” … PVP will not give as much adrenaline rush as RF but it’s really nerve-racking when you see two players battling. Haha!

I created a wizard since it’s a class I am really accustomed with. I managed to get my wizzy to base level 92, with AM/Completer skills in 2 months time.

I only stopped playing CABAL because I transferred to Makati and I couldn’t take my PC along with me.

I was supposed to take part in the Closed Beta of CABAL-Ph but I got too lazy. The servers were always full and it was filled with n00bs. XD

“Tell Me” — dance step in Cabal plus “Jindale” video [link]


Wonderland Online [link]

I timed out from the 3D games for a couple of months and tried this. It’s isometric just like Ragnarok Online, but the camera angle is fixed, bringing the classic 2D look. The battle system is Turn-based as opposed to all the MMO’s I played, which are Linear. This is really boring especially if you are with party members who can’t decide what spell to cast or skill to use. PvP is also boring. So what I usually did was buy HP and SP items then use the “remote control” to bot. Yes, one of its features is botting so I can leave my characters anytime. Just like ToP, I can open several game clients at the same time. In WO, players can choose any character and each can become any class they want. So, two players can have the same avatar, but different job classes. It’s really cool!

I also collected pets in WO, but in here, I don’t need any special item to get a pet. Just fight a certain monster that’s a few levels lower than my character and pray that I can capture it.

Manufacturing ate up most of my game time because depending on the item I wanted to craft, it may take a split-second to a week before completion. The longest I spent in crafting was 2 days, when I tried making the “Stairs”. Then, I boasted all those items in my Tent which I called “House of Panda!” The tent is where a character can rest, store items, manufacture or just play around while on-the-go.

We stopped playing this after a month or two because it was hard to level up and it was getting too dull.


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