MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 4)

Dragonica Online [THQ*ICE client] [IAH Client]

I still have no time to play WoW because of my friggin' work so Dada suggested that I try this game instead. He said Jasper (his friend) tried it during its Closed ßeta days. Since it's a fairly new game, I had the chance to take part in its Open ßeta.

Dragonica is a side-scrolling game just like Wind Slayer but it's rendered in 3D. The base job classes are similar to the usual MMORPGs but BaRunSon Interactive (the game's developers) added a few twists in it. The avatars are not as cute as those in RO, ROSE or LUNA but they've pretty decent. LOL!

I created three characters in the THQ*ICE client : Maldita (Battle Mage), Pilya (War Mage) and Suplada (Trickster) … I like Maldita so much because she's a strong character, but her prowess prevented her from doing low-level guild quests — she's too powerful! That's why I created Pilya to perform the tasks she missed (which, in turn, made her my main character). I used Suplada to aid Dada in their lowbie quests but I am not very good at controlling Melee characters so I had to retire her early.

In the IAH client : I created Kshanti (Battle Mage) and Silvere (Archer). Kshanti has the same skills as Pilya does. Silvere is just a backup storage.

Dragonica - Silvere - Level 1Dragonica - Kshanti - Level 36Dragonica - Pilya - Level 41Dragonica - Maldita - Level 25Dragonica - Suplada - Level 20


Dragonica has some features that I never found in other games that's why I was hooked even though Dada wasn't into it (he tried it maybe a few weeks after I did).

The maps here may have the same set of monsters but the drops or loots vary. Some maps offer more consumable items, some offer weapons and armors, while some focus more on EXP points.

There are also different kinds of quests – Hero (story), Adventure (side-story), and Guild (guild exp) quests. All of them give deecnt amount of EXP, fair equipment and money.

Another thing that boosts EXP is the Combo system. The higher the combo, the greater the EXP.

The party EXP is set to "even share" … The loots can be set to either "free-for-all" or "shared" but most people prefer the first one.

Dada and I tried the IAH (SEA) client of Dragonica. THQ*ICE (North America) lacks some of the things found in the IAH client such as the pet and improved party systems. IAH also fixed some bugs like the flapping wings and dual claws.

I didn't like IAH before because it had so much downtime; the lag was unbearable; and people live by CASH.

Good thing that Dada and I were lucky enough to find some stuff for our characters and we survived most of the ordeal!

Dada quit the game when he got addicted to WoW again. I quit the game shortly after because I got bored of grinding, and Dada wanted me to try out WoW as well.


Hello Kitty Online [link]

I only tried this game for one night — that's it. It's too PINK and GIRLY and PINK and BORING and did I already include that it's PINK?! Yeah, there's too much of PINKdom. The GMs were nice to its players, though.


Destiny Online [link]

This game is a mix ambiance of RO and Hello Kitty. It's a bit better than HKO.

Questing is more preferrable than monster-bashing since they give more EXP and allows the players to explore other maps. What sucks is that the characters walk soooooooooo sluggishly and the maps are huge. >_>

Skills and spells are acquired through trading EXP points, so a player can get the highest possible levels of each spell during his or her lowbie days. That's actually what i did. I maxed out my support spells (my character is a priest) and left all the attacking to my trusted pet.


World of Warcraft [link]

After so much persuasion from Dada, I finally heeded on playing WoW. Although, I didn't buy my own CD and I just created another character under his account. WoW is too expensive so I needed to try it out first before I decide purchasing my own copy… and I'm so glad this is what I did.

"Culture Shock" became my recurring experience. It's very different from Eastern MMORPGs I tried. WoW players are very much glued as if their life revolved solely to this game and they go on a "nerd rage" when something goes wrong. WoW = Life.

I chose the Horde because Dada said he and his friends are also in that faction. I named my character Jibrille and her job is a Healer (yeah, as if that's new). Dada said that if a Healer is careless, then the whole party falls. Dada always advised me to say "I'm a girl and I am new." so others will not think twice of helping me out and they will not yell at me when everyone dies. It worked all the time. LoL!

I love the scenery, the story and the quests. This is actually one of the few games where I cared to read what the NPCs were saying and understood the story behind them. I feel bad not being able to finish "They Grow Up So Fast" which will allow me to ride my very own Venomhide.

Time and time again, I've mentioned that I am not fond of PvP and PK. I am a noob at defending myself since my character is just a twink and most of the people there already have experience in fighting. Being randomly killed by an Alliance became a turn-off.

I quit after a month. I enjoyed playing the game but I didn't find it addicting. I don't think I'll be retuning anytime soon as well. Dada then used Jibrille for PvP purposes. He said that she PWNs a lot. ☺

Black Chocobo ! ! !They Grow Up So Fast ! ! !A Great Way to Travel . . .Where HEALING is a "serious" business . . .


*** please excuse the date.. i just want this on top of my blog entries~

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