MMORPG that I play / played ~ ~ ~ (Part 3)

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ROSE Online [link]

Dada gave me a choice between playing Grand Chase or ROSE and I chose the latter because it reminds me so much of the past MMO’s I played. I had several mishaps trying to install and also run the game because my video card is already failing. Nonetheless, I managed to resolve those issues with his help.

I made a Muse, which is the spell-caster class and once again, I decided to build a Full-Support character. I named her after that cute cosplayer I found on the web, Kipi. No, I am not a fan-girl of Kipi. She’s just the first person that pops out of my head when I hear the word “cute”. Alodia is NOT cute. She’s beautiful. Uhm ..Anyway, we halted playing when we reached Level 160 (we’re finally able to wear the last armor set). I just had nothing else to do since Kipi’s a support character and she cannot wander alone. Dada lost interest as well and he’s now playing WoW.

After I upgraded my computer, I decided to make a second character and named her Maldita, a girly name mentioned in “Chicksilog” (theme song of pRO) which means “b!+ch”. She is a summoner — a semi-offensive type Muse class. She has a few buffs like Kipi but she can also summon creatures that would aid her in attacking monsters. She is my alter-ego in this game so I wanted her to have that angst-factor, as opposed to Kipi’s gentle looks.

This game, although it’s quite old, still has some noticeable bugs here and there. Some are useful, some are serious, while some are just so annoying. I didn’t bother reporting them to the GM‘s though.

There’s also this fairy that randomly spawns and buffs characters. I think she’s Arua, the one Alodia cosplayed during a LUG event. With her help, we were able to kill monsters much faster.

I can’t say that ROSE will tantamount the fun I had when I played pRO and CABAL but I still liked it. I stopped playing this when I felt bored having to do the same set of quests and monster-slaying all over again.

ROSE Online Evolution Muse Costumes
Kipi’s Cleric costumes [link]
Maldita’s Summoner costumes [link]


Wind Slayer [link]

Timing out once again from 3D games and returning to the world of side-scrolling!!! This is reminiscent to Maple Story (another MMORPG I played before but never really got to include it here since I don’t have screenshots) with a touch of Ragnarok Online job classes and cards.

Leveling up a character takes quite a while and the party system is kinda weird. Even if you’re party members, you cant set the item sharing for everyone. Whoever has most hits gets the loots and the bulk of the EXP. Since it’s a side-scrolling game, the maps don’t have much room for movement and the monsters are scarce. If three or more players try to be in a single map, chances are one of them will do the mobbing and the rest will just kill-steal.

Just like Wonderland Online, some forging and upgrading items are compounded from simple loots to more complex materials. It is time-consuming so it’s best to just buy them rather than having to undergo the effort of mining, compounding then just failing the upgrade.

The one thing that I didn’t expect to be exciting here is the PvP. Well, I’m not the PvP type of gamer but I was forced to enter the arenas because I need the points to buy the items necessary for a job change. Whenever I am out of mana, I enter the arena to while away time as my character regenerates. It’s hard to fight when everything moves. The terrain, the players, their summons and their spells. It’s uber chaotic when in the PvP room! One good thing about the it is that there’s an option to set all of the participants levels to the maximum (Lvl 49) with all stats maxed out to 55. This way, even the lowbies have the chance of beating up highbies. What matters in PvP are the fighting tactics and equipment of each player.


LUNA Online [link]

After being uninterested with MMORPG’s for quite a while,  I began surfing the Internet for new games and stumbled upon this cute stuff that’s reminiscent to Ragnarok and ROSE.

The game provides job classes SOOOOO SIMILAR to ROSE Online thus I created a Mage and turned her into a Cleric. The downside of being a Cleric in this game is that NO ONE NEEDS A CLERIC. Each job class can support its own journeys and would rather travel alone than have a Buffer who’d share half of the EXP and loots.

The game provides a lot of quests to do and these quests require a lot of effort changing maps, beating up monsters and talking to countless NPCs in different locations … The worst part of it is that the only scroll available is a return scroll, thus you can only return to your save point. Other map scrolls are not available or they need to be crafted using uber RARE materials. There’s an “Amateur Transfer Scroll” given to newbies so they can hop from one map to another but it only lasts for seven days upon opening it. Other transfer scrolls are very RARE and are uber pricey in the market.

I played LUNA for less than a month and got bored with it. Cuteness factor isn’t always the solution.


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