Reviving from Quiscience . . .


About two years ago, I had to wipe out all the contents of my computer due to a persistent virus that has been activated by my siblings. I failed to backup some of the things I needed and lost a lot of pertinent information in the process.

Another thing I lost was the ability to use my Canon ScanLide 25 [link], a scanner I bought together with my Genius G-Pen 450 wireless tablet [link]. I bought them as Christmas gifts for myself since I wanted to do more artworks as part of my leisure time. The driver cd for the scanner has been misplaced and we didn't  know who's responsible. Mom and I had a week-long fucked-up argument because of it as well (… and that's another fucked-up story I can't forget).

Anyway … because of the argument and because I couldn't find a free driver download site for the scanner, I decided to completely stop using it. I slowly halted from submitting artworks on my DeviantART account too.

Fast forward to this date …

Dan Paulo (my college buddy) asked me to design a coat for him because he plans on using it for a wedding (whose wedding, I no longer asked). I told him that it has been a year since I last held a pencil and that I've retired from designing clothes. I also told him the story behind the scanner as an excuse. He was very persistent, though.

We then had a deal or a challenge that if he gets me the driver I need for free, then I would say "yes" to him . . . Gosh, that was one of those somewhat regretful things I said. Hahaha! After a couple of minutes, he gave me a zip file containing what I needed! [link to full chat with Dan (for family & friends only)]


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