Absentmindedness . . .

I have been very stupid lately. I lost three of my precious items due to my absentmindedness and I had to shell out a lot of money from my savings account because of it.

The first thing I lost was my Benetton umbrella, which was a year-old gift from Dada. I left it on the taxi I rode going to work. Next, I lost my eyeglasses, which was my remembrance from Teletech. Recently, I lost my N70  when I was also on my way to work. All these happened in a span of  one month!

I am not sure if my lack of sleep, stress with work and/or personal issues had something to do with it, but this sickness (or stupidity if you may put it) caused me so much trouble already.

I bought a new umbrella, this time from a well-known brand called Fibrella. It's a lot more expensive than Dada's gift so I am very careful with it. I am always anxious to have an umbrella in my luggage, but I'd like to keep one because Dada advised me to.

I also bought new eyeglasses from Ideal Vision. The red frame is from HANG TEN. I found out that my myopia has somehow "healed" as I only have 150 graded lenses on both eyes now, as opposed to the 175-150 I had previously.

I also bought a new cellphone — Sony Ericsson W395. It's a walkman phone, with lesser features than the Nokia  N70 but it has a jack that allows me to use my Sennheisser headset [link] and the sound quality is good. This way, I need not to bring my PSP with me, and that's one less bulk in my luggage.

I bought a white wallet from Aika (my co-worker). The brand of the wallet is Ney York & Company and it's worth $16.69 !!!


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