Closet Cosplay . . .

It's COSPLAY DAY in 24/7 !!!

Is cosplay becoming a fad in BPO's now? A few months after I left Teletech, they held a cosplay contest as well.

I originally wanted our team to go as the AKATSUKI but that plan never pushed through due to the lack of funds and motivation. Instead, some of my teammates and I dressed up as "dolls" and I (again) revived my Irene costume.

The preparations took us weeks so I was very disappointed when the actual event only lasted less than an hour. We just needed to submit "one shot"  to the judges and that's about it. I could've just submitted an old photo to them. Grrrr! It was the shortest cosplay I've ever done!

It was a good thing that some of my teammates decided to roam around and take more pictures as souvenirs.

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