Cosplay Survey . . .

– What is your cosplay alias?
people just call me Meiko or LunarPanda

– How many years have you cosplayed?
nine years. yes, NINE!

– How did you get into cosplaying?
i saw Balat (tagalog for "birthmark", an online buddy of mine) dressed as Lime from Saber Marionette J. i got curious and buddies told me to join the next cosplay contest.

– What was your first convention and how did it go?
AXN AnimExplosion 2001 … went as Fei Feiring from Gate Keepers. EPIC FAIL. the odango was messed up and i know zilch about the character i was cosplaying.

– How many cons have you been to?
lost count

– How many cosplays have you done?
uhm, i lost count … but i have only used a few costumes.

[[Your Cosplays]]

– What was your first cosplay and why did you choose it?
Fei Feiring from Gate Keepers. no one has cosplayed her yet and GK was famous then.

– What is your favorite cosplay you've done so far?
cosplay contest: my Bellato costume [link] because it's BE-AWESOME!
cosplay photoshoot: my Wrath costume [link] because i look cool wearing the coat

– What is your least favorite you've cosplayed?
FF XIII Agito Student # 8 [link] … i know zilch about the character until now… hopefully i can be in-character when we re-do the group cosplay soon. har har~

– What cosplay is the most uncomfortable?
uncomfortable in terms of the costume's bulkness: the Bellato costume [link]
uncomfortable in terms of being in-character: Student # 8 [link]


– How do you research the cosplay before you make it?
depends on the situation. since i mostly join group cosplays, i let them decide on the theme and then i will just pick the character i like. if i'm going solo, i pick a character that is petite but has a lot of feistiness. i don't want to look cute because many girls already go for the cuteness thing. i want a lot of angst-factor in the characters i portray.

– Do you sew your cosplays yourself?
nope. no time nor talent for that. i designed some of them, though.

– If so, how did you learn to sew? If not, do you plan to learn?
as of late, no plans of learning how to make the clothes … props, yes.

– Do you make your own props?
i just started. i plan to do more in the future.

– If so, how did you learn to? If not, do you plan to learn?
Lyron is ALWAYS a big help. hehehe~ then there're my other buddies and the power of GOOGLE.

– Do you style your own wigs?
no. i plan on learning this in the future as well. making character-wigs is fun!

– What other skills do you use to create your cosplays?

– What skill has been most useful for making your cosplay?
character portrayal and accuracy of the costume

– What is the hardest thing when making a cosplay?
inserting it to my uber-hectic schedule

– What was the biggest screw up you've had making a cosplay?
when i revived my Wrath get-up during Ozine 2008 – day 1. I looked so wasted.

– How often do you injure yourself while making a cosplay?
never did.


– Do you try to stay cheap or do you splurge on materials?
i go for quality. if it looks good on pictures, then it's worth the money.


– Have you ever cosplayed with a partner or group?
yes, most of the time.

– Do you try to act in character?
always, unless i dont know the character i am portraying.

– Have you ever done fanservice at a con? (Yaoi, yuri, etc)
yuri, once… never again.

– How do you react to cosplayers dressed as character from the same anime/game/etc?
i am always ecstatic… but if the cosplayer happens to have the same character i am portraying, i try to stay away. i dont like being compared to them.

– Do you try to duplicate your character's expressions, walk, movements, etc?
YES! as per Nejin-sama, it's a MUST! that's why it's COSPLAY!

– When crossplaying, do you try to act as much like the gender as possible?
yes. i only crossplayed once and people were doubtful of my gender. LoL!

– What was your funniest experience of acting in character?
when i cosplayed a Bellato, i went up on stage and said "Data Did Not Match", a bug that was really common back then which really ticked off RF players. i got a lot of cheers from the audience (and also got some violent reactions from GMs hahah!)

– What was your worst experience acting in character?
none so far


– Do you compete in cosplay contests?
before, yes.

– Have you won anything?

– Do you prefer skits or walk-ons?
skits. i dont want joining contests on my own anymore. it's not fun.


– How many friends have you made because of cosplay?
too many buddies … few friends.

– Do you attend photo shoots and meet-ups outside of conventions?
yes, i prefer them over contests, actually. no hassles, no gimmicks.

– What is the funniest reaction you've gotten cosplaying from people outside of the community?
"That can't be you! That girl is AWESOME in that outfit! You're always WASTED!" – work-mates ehehehe~

– What was the worst?


– How long do you think you'll be cosplaying for?
so long as i am willing and able

– Name a few cosplays you're planning to do next:
Hrist from Valkyrie Profile
Judy Shakbari Hagstrom from War of Genesis

– What is your dream cosplay?
any from those 2 characters mentioned on the question prior to this


– What do you take into consideration when picking a character to cosplay?
height & angst-factor

– Is cosplay serious business for you?

– What is your favorite thing about cosplay?
CELEBRITY-FOR-THE-DAY kind of treatment. hehehe~

– What is your least favorite?
politics and elitists

– What is it that makes you keep cosplaying?
this is more on feeding my vanity. i love attention so much and I see cosplaying as a major source. i also meet a lot of people because of this hobby. cliche as it sounds but it's really one of the reasons why i have buddies too.

– How would you like cosplaying to change in the future?
i hope that the elitists would just die…

– How do you want to grow as a cosplayer?
i hope i can produce BE-AWESOME props in the future.

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