MY BIRTHDAY 2009 . . .


Mom, my siblings and I went to Splash Mountain (Los Baños, Laguna) to celebrate my birthday.

It was my second time in that resort (the first was when my roommates in Project8 requested me to join them – back in 2002).

The ambiance of the resort was not at par with 88 Spa and there were only two pools available at the time of our arrival (4 during night time). The water was kinda dirty and all of us felt really itchy after the trip.

The hotel was nice, though. The beds were soft, the lights and curtains set the mood, the toilet is cozy and clean, and the airconditioning is okay.

While we were swimming, some Chinese guy approached me and introduced himself. He said his name’s Brandon and he lives in Makati. We had a little chit-chat but I had to cut the conversation because my siblings wanted me to teach them how to float. Haha!

I think I shelled out P6k or more for the entire trip. I don’t mind, though. This is the first time that I was able to treat my family out myself and it’s a “Thanks” to my mom for taking care of my siblings. Besides, they helped me stash all my stuff out from my condo room. 😀



Dada and I had a date right after our Laguna trip.

We watched “Night at the Museum : Battle of the Smithsonians” then had dinner in Greenwich. Dada also tried playing Guitar Heroes. He flunked the first time around but his comeback was great! OMG I’M SOOOO IN LOVE~ LOL!

I was supposed to go to work by 7:30PM but my head was throbbing and I felt so sleepy. I even dozed off while we were eating!

Dada suggested that we check-in in a hotel and sleep for a couple of hours so I can recuperate and be able to work undertime. Dada paid the accommodation and gave me 500 bucks as extra money. I told him that I’ll give it back once my paycheck arrives.

Dada broke our pinky swear so I will give his punishment on our next date. LOL! Yey~

Me ish won!


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