Drive . . .

Dada met up with me and my siblings today to fetch Dad from NAIA.It was really nice of him to offer the ride since my sibs and I don't know how to get to the airport through commuting. I promised that I would shoulder his gas and food expenses.

We also went to Duty Free and bought some chocolates. Dad gave Dada a bag and a plastic-load of Toblerone.

We had dinner in Saisaki and I shelled out 3.6K Php. I ran out of cash so I borrowed extra from Dada. It was really embarassing! I thought I had enough money but I was wrong. I promised to pay him next time we go out. Golly! Really embarassing! Urgh~~~

I know Dada was so tired because he drove for roughly six hours from his house to our house and back to his office.

I thanked him for everything and promised to pay my "utang" on our next date.

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