WTF Moments 001 . . .

This day has been nothing but mishap. Dunno why the negative vibes have been with me the whole day!

MMORPG – Wind Slayer
I tried compounding an Elementrium so I can use it to upgrade my weapon. As per the info, compounding it has a 75% chance of success. I failed THRICE! Those three times I failed, I was always in the 25% failure mark! Amf! I was so pissed that I just entered the PvP room and tried gaining WSP's. I am always the first to die! WTF! Mages suck in battle.

The reason why I don't answer phone calls is because I am really bad at entertaning people. A PLDT contractor called and asked me so many personal questions to the point that I thought he was a fucking stalker. He then hung up while I was asking him what he wanted from my mom. THANK GOODNESS the Caller ID system was invented! I got his number and I put it on my to-spam list. GRRR!!! All I need now is an extra SIM so I can spam his fucking inbox! I told mom to report the BS contractor to PLDT but she said it wouldn't do any good. That's the difference between Filipinos and Americans… When Americans get pissed, they complain ASAP. Filipinos tend to let the situation pass that's why BS people keep doing BS things.

Mom asked me to hurry so I can hitch a ride with a neighbor going to SM. Because I was so frantic, I left both my Fitness First ID and most of my cash in my room! GAAAAAAAAHHH!!! Good thing I had a few coins in my pocket so I used it to go back home. GAAAAAH!

A bunch of kids were running up and down the escalator and bumped into me. Good thing I had a firm grip or all of my workout stuff would be scattered! I scolded them and a kid cried. Of course, their mom approached me and tapped my shoulder. Probably she was gonna shout at me but she got shocked when she saw my face. I was wearing my red contact lenses and I had that "Wrath's Glare" so she just asked what's going on. I told her to teach her kids how to behave in public areas. She took her kids and left. I then proceeded to the FiFi entrance. GRRRRR!!!!

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