Trip to Enchanted Kingdom – Feb 2009 ! ! !

Event : Dada and Bebe goes Out-of-town (extension)
Date : February 14, 2009
Venue : Enchanted Kingdom
Photos : [click here]

Dada and I planned on going here as part of our week-long out-of-town trip but EK is closed from Monday to Wednesday so we had to re-schedule it. I don’t consider this as a Valentine’s Date. Dada said he doesn’t celebrate Hearts Day so I treated this like a regular stroll on a huge theme park too.

This is my third time going to EK in a span of one year! Weeeee~~~ I’ve been to EK about six-seven times since it opened. Addict mode~!

Other trips to EK that I put in my blog:
1) Teletech Summer Outing 2008 [link]
2) OtakonEK 2008 [link]

I got 3 free tickets when I volunteered for the Press Conference of OtakonEK last September 2008.

Dada and I met up in the Ayala-MRT station around 9:30 AM. We headed to Glorietta and waited in line for the EK shuttle. There were a lot of people and the shuttle service was delayed for a couple of minutes. *sigh*

Upon arriving in EK, we immediately stashed our stuff on the locker area so that we won’t have a hard time roaming around.

We went to the Amazon Grill and had lunch. The barbecue and side dishes were soooooooo delicious! Dada also gave me chocolate marshmallows for desert (there goes my diet!).

The rides we took were the ff:
1) Roller Skater (mini roller coaster)
2) Wheel of Fate (giant ferris wheel)
3) Anchor’s Away (swaying pirate ship)
4) Rialto (motion sim theater – feat. LEGO Racers)
5) Flying Fiesta (wave swinger)
6) Space Shuttle (Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster)
7) Jungle Log Jam (log flumes)

Roller Skater – We proved that the backmost seats bring more excitement.

Wheel of Fate – It looks like a glowing spiderweb at night. Dada said that this ferris wheel is where a lot of couples go to either confess their love for one another or to break up. LoL!

Anchor’s Away – There was a kid who threw up while the pirate ship was swinging back and forth. They halted operation for about 15 minutes to get everything cleaned. XD

Rialto – Not much exitement because it lacks the 3rd-person perspective.

Flying Fiesta – It looks like a UFO at night.


Jungle Log Jam – it was cold but we didn’t get too wet.

We were not able to ride the Rio Grande because it was closed and we were not able to see the fireworks because it was getting late.

I bought a red bonnet, a spill-proof mug and I also bought a photo from the Space Shuttle ride. Dada bought a pouch for his cellphone.

We got back in Makati at 10:30 PM. Dada escorted me back to the condo and I kissed him goodnight before we parted ways. ^_^


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