More (or less) this February . . .

The past weeks have been so dull and only a few good things happened aside from my usual routine.


Dada and I went to Enchanted Kingdom as part of our out-of-town trip. It's been delayed for a couple of days but it's okay. There were not a lot of people in the theme park so we're able to go to the rides we want – including the Space Shuttle! Weee~


I finally was able to visit Manong Nomer. I showed him the design I made for the gown I want and he said he can finish it before the photoshoot date. I shelled out P2,500 for it because I asked him to look for the materials since I no longer have time to shop in Divisoria.


I've been with FiFi for almost a month. I lost 4 lbs and an inch of my waistline. Whew! It's a small progress but it's still good! I'm also trying to control the things I'm eating because I do not want to regain the weight lost.


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