Trip to ’88 Spa and Resort’ ! ! !

Event : Dada and Bebe goes Out-of-town
Date : January 30 – February 1, 2009
Venue : 88 Spa and Resort (Laguna)
Photos : [click here]

I filed a week-long vacation leave because Dada and I were supposed to go to Cebu and watch the Sinulog Festival. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t push through so I got frustrated and I insisted that we go out-of-town because I don’t want my leaves wasted. Thanks to my teammate’s suggestion, we found a very nice alternative88 Spa and Resort ! ! ! We headed to their Makati office during our day off and made reservations. We paid the package of 3 days and 2 nights and it cost us 5K Php.

We waited in Alabang but we had a hard time looking for an air-conditioned bus. I suggested to Dada that we should’ve gone to Cubao because that’s where the HMT terminal is but he said it’s quite far. I got disappointed because one of the bus conductors told us that aircon buses bound to Calamba use the flyover (which is directly above us). It took about half an hour before we finally boarded a bus — an ordinary HMT bus. Anyway, it can’t be helped. I just thought of the nice things that would happen once we’re there. Besides, he’s the one carrying my stuff. Hehe~

Calamba reminds me of Mamburao (there’s a mix of city establishments and a provincial ambiance). I wanted to escape the city’s hustle and bustle so I requested Dada that we stay in the resort instead of going out to eat there.

Around 12NN, we reached 88 Spa and the receptionists told us that our reservation was for January 29! OMG! Well, the receptionist in their Makati office who talked to Dada had a hard time with the dates but she noted that it should fall on a FRIDAY. Good thing there were available rooms so we didn’t encounter difficulties. We stashed our bags in the room we rented and then had lunch in their restaurant.

They ONLY serve Korean dishes! We don’t know anything about their cuisine so it was a good thing that the crew were Filipinos so they gave us an idea about the food. The first we ordered was their Beef Bulgogi (marinated beef with mild sauce). The waiter told us that Koreans mostly want separate servings but Filipinos are okay to share the same viand. Hahaha!

We didn’t know that they serve side dishes along with the main course. I like the Egg Kimbap (Korean version of the Tamago Sushi) and the Goguma (sweet potatoes). Dada liked the Marun Panchan (dried sweet and spicy anchovies) and the Yellow Mango Shake.

Other dishes that we ordered during our stay were the Clubhouse sandwiches, Samgyeopsal (grilled pork strips) and the one that made me cry because I couldn’t eat it — the Pork Bulgogi (spicy pork version of the Beef Bulgogi). The food bills for our entire stay amounted to 3.6K Php.

We wandered around the resort and looked at the nice things that we could find. 88 Spa has a total of about 7 major swimming pools plus a few jacuzzi. There were also a lot of cottages and rooms, ranging from the basic to the more extravagant ones. The crew included towels and toiletries in our room which they constantly change everyday. The comforters are very warm and the pillows are very soft. What I didn’t like was the bed — it was huge but I felt really iffy because it was as hard as a rock!

Since it’s a Korean-themed resort, most of its patrons are also Koreans. In fact, during our entire stay, I think I only saw about two other Filipino families and about 2-3 Caucasian couples.

We mostly stayed in the hotspring pool near our room because it’s only about 27°C and is deep enough to submerge Dada’s body. LoL! He said he can’t swim but I envy him because he can walk on the 6 ft part of the pool while I have to exert effort in order to stay afloat! @_@ Anyway, I let him carry me while we’re there and I just hugged him. Hahaha! Yeah, so much PDA but I enjoyed it. XD

Aside from the swimming pools, 88 Spa also has massage centers, a mini-zoo, a fishing pond, a horseback riding area and a very nice view of the mountain side. We also found several erotic statues that made us laugh so loud!

I was so amazed by the scenery and I am so thankful that I have my trusted CANON P&S with me. I took about a thousand shots but only got 80+ good and not-so-repetitive photos. LoL! XD

On our way back, we stopped by Glorietta and had lunch in Sakura, a Japanese restaurant. After eating, Dada escorted me to the jeepney terminal in Ayala. I went back to the condo to get my workout gear before I rode a bus going to Fairview.

Sigh, 3 days and 2 nights came by quickly but those were really fun and memorable. This is the first time I went out-of-town with Dada for more than a day and I hope there’s more to come. Weeeeeeeee~~~~~ ^__^

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