Fitness First – – – my first week with them . . .

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I enrolled in Fitness First (RSC Makati branch) [link] despite the negative comments that I read all over the Internet about their service. So far, I haven't encountered anything negative about them except for the price! LoL! Their personnel are very accomodating and the lady guard even returned the wallet I accidentally dropped on the ladies' locker room.

I am really desperate to trim down, lose weight and be healthier. I know, I could have done it alone by reading tutorials but I needed EXTRA help.


Jan.21 (Wed)

It's my first day of workout in Fitness First and my Personal Instructor was Ms.Tin. She's smaller than I am but she can carry more weight than I do! She informed me how much the Personal Training costs and I was a bit anxious because the 16-sessions PT will cost me almost 15k Php… I am a beginner that needs extra help so I guess it's going to be worth it.

Ms.Tin told me that my right shoulder is not in line with my left shoulder, which is a sign of a developing scoliosis [link]. I got a bit scared because it was not detected by the doctors that previously conducted medical exams on me. I remember that my ex-boyfriend has that sickness and he was constantly in the hospital to have it checked.

She then briefed me on the things that I should work on to achieve the goals I want and prevent ailments like scoliosis. I told her that my short-term goal is to lose weight and that my long-term goal is to improve my health in general. I am currently 122 lbs (56 kg) and I am 23 lbs overweight. She said it will take six months to lose the risky level of fat in my body and improve my endurance.

She then introduced me to the different exercise equipment which I'd be using for the rest of my stay in the gym. The first that I tried out was the ever-so-famous treadmill. It's awesome because it measures my heartbeat and shows how much calories I was losing during the 12-minute trial stage. It was tiring as I am not really used to long walks but I hope that I can improve in the coming days. Next, she showed the the machines that can strengthen my arms and legs. The ones I remember are the Lat Pull Downs, Pec Decks, Leg Adduction, Leg Abduction, Leg Extension, Leg Curl and the Leg Press. [click here for more info on exercise equipment] She had me do 15 laps per machine and some really wore me out. Gah!

On the latter part of the session, she had me do stretching and crunches that really caused so much pain! She said that my body has so much tension so I need to do more of those. No pain, no gain (or lose, in my case)!

After all those exercises, I went back to the locker room to tidy up my stuff. I'm surprised of all the women walking around naked and showing off their bodies! I kept my towel on while I was inside the sauna and I made sure that I was alone. Gah! I hope I can get used to this environment. LoL!


Jan.22 (Thu)

Second day in Fitness First. I was able to endure the 15-minute treadmill run but I felt so light-headed afterward and I almost passed out while I was going up to the locker room. Ms.Tin helped me finish the 15 laps on each of the arms and abs exercises. After several routines, I was involuntarily making faces just to lift the dumbbells! It wasn't a nice feeling. I finally called it a day when we used the Stationary Bike because my thighs were so painful I could hardly move them. My training didn't even last for an hour! I was thinking that it's a bad idea to make the workout a daily routine especially now because I'm still not used to exerting so much effort. #_#


Jan.25 (Sun)

Third day … This time, I tried their SM-Fairview branch [link]. It's a lot smaller than their Makati branch but it's okay. The locker rooms are better. What surprised me is that even though it's 2pm, only a few gym-goers are there so I was able to pick the equipment I like.

Since I was without a PT, I was pretty much experimenting as to what the gym had to offer. I focused on the treadmill, stationary bikes and elliptical bikes. It was loads of fun and I didn't pass out! Weeee~

There's a gorgeous PT that approached me to correct my posture on the elliptical bike. I think he was about to offer a PT session but I told him that I don't frequent taht branch. LoL!


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4 responses to “Fitness First – – – my first week with them . . .

  1. hi, im kevin im also a member of fitness first. i just wanted to ask how to get to the RSC makati branch of fintess first. im not very familiar with makati. hoping for your help thanks in advance.

  2. it really depends where you're coming from. if you're from EDSA, take a
    bus going to LRT-Ayala-Leverisa then go down to Paseo de Roxas. The
    Unloading zone is in front of a building with white Greek columns
    (Sbarro). beside this building is the RSC. Fitness First is on
    the 8th floor. 😀

  3. oh the building with the Sbarro on the 2nd floor?? i see thanks a bunch 😀 btw are there any parking areas near by? thanks again. You've been a big help 😀

  4. yep. there's a parking lot in Valero (at the back of the LKG Tower) but i'm pretty sure there're also some parking spaces in the RSC building.

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