Better not read out loud . . .

"Mo Folchart possesses a secret ability to bring characters from books to life when he reads them aloud. But when Mo accidentally brings a power-hungry villain from a rare children's fable to life, the villain kidnaps Mo's daughter and demands Mo bring other evil fictional characters to life. In an attempt to rescue his daughter, Mo assembles a disparate group of friends –both real and magic–and embarks on a journey to save her and set things right. " – Yahoo Movies

Hmmm, I dunno… Dada wanted to watch it so we did, as part of our movie house raid (3 movies in 1 day). CGI is good. Plot is good. Acting is so-so. I dunno, there's just something I didn't like about the film… I dunno exactly what it is.. Is it the overall "audience impact" ??? Dunno… Gah, I just didn't like it.

I give it :

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