Tribute to Mommy Olga . . .

Mommy Olga (center) was my wavemate and teammate in Teletech. We always landed on the same team from the start of our VOL training up to our transfer to DELL. We became really close and she became one of my mentors about life. She was really sweet and was always there to lend a helping hand to others, that's why we call her "Mommy".

She passed away on January 6, 2009 due to an immunity disorder called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus which led to a cardiac arrest. She has been battling this ailment for years. I searched the Internet and I found a journal that she made about her condition. [link]

It's been seven months since we last saw each other (because I resigned and moved to a different company) and I felt really sad because I didn't expect that the next and the last time I would see her would be at her wake.


Mommy Olga, may you find peace in Heaven.
We will miss you.


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