ROSE Online Summoner (Muse and Cleric sub-class) costumes ^_^

Maldita is my Summoner Muse in the MMORPG called ROSE Online – Evolution.
She is my second playable character and I got her name from "Chicksilog" (pRO's theme song, performed by Kamikazee) which means "b!+ch"LOL!

Maldita travels alone to different worlds and is only accompanied by her summoned creatures. She also serves as my alter-ego so I want her to have that angst-factor (unlike Kipi who has to be 'cute and gentle' because she mingles with a lot of other players).

R.O.S.E. - Visitor - MalditaR.O.S.E. - Visitor - Maldita - Level 10R.O.S.E. - Muse - Maldita - Level 20R.O.S.E. - Muse - Maldita - Level 30R.O.S.E. - Muse - Maldita - Level 40

*** since Maldita is also a muse like Kipi, their costumes are mostly the same (some are even hand-me-downs)
*** see also my FS Cleric, Kipi [link]
*** last update Dec. 19, 2008

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