Canada’s Next Top Model (Cycle 2) winner is LOVE~

I consider myself as a model-and-photographer-wannabe so I frequently watched America’s Next Top Model and Canada’s Next Top Model in the cable channel called VELVET. It’s just now that I really had the chance to see most of the episodes because of my schedule.

Some ANTM winners ended up being TV actresses instead of ramp models! They should’ve joined the American Idol instead! CNTM – Cycle 1’s winner ended up tragically when she opted to quit the modeling business because she said she wasn’t given enough opportunities and her winnings were still subjected to income tax. What does she expect? Modeling is also a job so everyone in this business is also entitled to pay their taxes, duh!

Anyway, Cycle 2 of CNTM caught my interest far more than ANTM did because their photography ideas are wilder and extraordinary!

Like all other fashion reality shows, the contestants were all given tips and challenges to see who could step up to the next level and have the chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming a true-blooded model.

My pick amongst the ten girls was Rebecca Hardy. She is just so beautiful, she has a strong personality and her photographs are full of angst! She stayed focused on her goal of winning the contest and she lets her photos do the talking — unlike most of the contestants who kept on bickering at each other and bash other girls’ mistakes to cover their own flaws!

Rebecca Hardy, Sinead Brady (1st runner-up) and Tia Ayrton-Hill (3rd runner-up) were all absorbed by Sutherland Models.

* AOL video containing Rebecca’s CNTM photos and some behind the scenes [link]
* Rebecca’s portfolio [link]

© Canada’s Next Top Model, CityTV, Sutherland Models, and Fashion Model Directory


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