Awesomeness despite its size ! ! !

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Bryan (my teammate) escorted me to Greenbelt and we searched for Sennheiser headphones. The one that I wanted was the PMX 200 because it has a neckband just like my generic headphone and it has a noise canceling feature. Though, I got disappointed when we did a test run on it because it lacked the Bass I was looking for. I mostly listen to alternative rock so I need a nice audio system. We tested other neckbanded headphones but the sounds were more awful and the neckbands cannot be adjusted! I ended up getting the PX 100 (Black) which is the same model that Bryan has. I shelled out 3K but I'm not regretting it. It has a 2-year warranty so I can have it fixed if it breaks. Bryan said his white PX 100 is a year old and his black one is 3 years old. I hope I can have it last that long!

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