Seriously, do I look like any of these outside cosplays?

What is EMO anyway? A music genre? A lifestyle? A strong feeling or expression? If it's an expression, then I am guilty. Yes, I am a very emotional type of person and I voice out whatever it is I feel. I used to keep things to myself and I grew up as a timid girl with little or no friends at all. When I got out of college, that's when I learned how to express myself more… and no, I am not suicidal, not anymore. Life is tough but I love it because of the people surrounding me and I treasure the memories, may they be good or bad. Thank goodness for the Internet and hooray for blogs!!! I don't know what the emo music genre sounds like. My Chemical Romance? I classify them as a mix of punk and alternative rock that's why I listen to their songs! Regarding emo as a lifestyle … NO~!!! I don't have fringes and I only hide my eyes when wearing a wig to get that angst-factor. No more, no less! I don't wear tight-fitting shirts nor jeans — sexy, yes, tight no. All my clothes don't have scandalous prints on them. So when someone calls me an "emo", I get really mad because the first thing that comes to my mind is an image of a suicidal idiot.

So am I GOTH instead? I do like the colors black and red, black nail polish, punk accessories and cross pendants (not crucifixes) but I don't wear ankhs and put on heavy make-up (except when needed). I am also agnostic — I believe in God but he's just of little importance to me. I like Gothic as a fashion statement but not as a lifestyle. I don't like vampires nor fangs! I don't even know what true-blooded Goths do or what their beliefs are. I don't like being called a Goth as well because that brings up a lot of issues. I recall one instance wherein a friend and I were planning our next cosplay and she wanted it Goth-themed. Then, a true-blooded Goth started explaining to us that we have to be "careful" when interpreting it because it might spread over the Internet, reach other true-blooded Goths and then we might get a beating from them — or they might even kill us if they mistake us for posers. That thread got about 250+ replies! We ended up changing the title of our photoshoot to avoid further argument with them. X_x

How about LOLITA? I am petite and I like ruffled clothes but I don't wear Lolita stuff at all times. I only started liking the EGL accessories when I got hooked in the OtakonEK. I wanted to do an EGL photoshoot to see if I can pull it off – maybe one of these days. Dada said he also doesn't like Lolita clothes on me because that makes him look like a pedophile — He's 6'1", I'm only 5' tall and I am often mistaken as a 14 year-old kid. XD

So what am I? A hybrid-poser? LoL! I don't want being called a poser.

It just so happens that I am a vocal person, I like black, I like cross pendants and I like cute laces and ruffles. 

I don't consider myself as any of those three except when I need to be — in cosplays.

I like being called a punk, though. Makes me look tough. XD



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