Happenings this 3rd Week of September 2008 . . .

Sept.15 (Monday)

I went to Dada's place so we could spend quality time again. He showed me two MMORPG's that he's playing — Grand Chase and ROSE Evolution. GC avatars are cute and it has a Platform / Side-scrolling interface, like Maple Story. The controls are a bit confusing but maybe I can get used to it if I play some more. ROSE was once available locally but it closed about a year or so ago. It's like a mix of Ragnarok Online and Tales of Pirates. Since ROSE was created by Gravity, the sound effects were similar to RO. Hahaha!

I also wanted to get his DJ Max PSP game but the file was too large and I don't have free space left. Darn, I need to get a 4GB memory stick…


Sept.16 (Tuesday)

The GC and ROSE apps that Dada gave me were not working so I couldn't install them in my PC. Dada told me to just download the client from the main website. I did that but the file still ended up being corrupted. I downloaded it for 8 hours!!! Darn game. T_________________T

I visited some online shops in Multiply and I got addicted with gothic and punk lolita accessories! OMG! I am draining money once again on cosplay items! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~


Sept.17 (Wed)

After shift, Roy called me up and told me that Faye's back in the country. She already told him about some of the things that I revealed to her via the YM chat a few days back. I sensed that something bad is gonna happen so before that, I immediately called and told her not to mention my name because I don't want to riot with him in the office.

I loaded my GCash so I could pay Rui the EGL wristband and earrings. She said she'll also lend me her black-and-red striped socks to add to my Lolita ensemble. I also got the Punk-Lolita choker from Jaja and it's really pretty! I tried wearing the crown I bought from Marien a few weeks back but I had a hard time making it stay put on my head. So, I decided that I'll just let Thuggles wear it once we go to OtakonEK. Sigh, how I envy these ladies because they have the resources and skill to make Lolita stuff.

I got my Wise Card from Shopwise after three months of constantly purchasing there and collected receipts amounting to 5k! Woot! I dunno how it works but it's a good addition to my electronic cards collection. LoL!

I noticed that the room I am renting is getting a wee bit crowded. I have to clean my room in Fairview and bring back some stuff I no longer need in the condo. It's a good thing my roommate isn't perplexed when she saw my katana and wakizashi lying on my bed!


Sept.18 (Thu)

It's as if fate would have it, I woke up a few minutes before I got a text message from Dan. He asked me to come to his place before he leaves Manila tomorrow. I passed by their unit before I went to work and he gave me a key chain with the Hong Kong logo printed on it. In return, I gave him one of my cross pendants as a parting gift. He escorted me to the lobby and I hugged him tightly one last time. I asked him when he'd be coming back and he said "After 6 months … 2 years at most." It really hurts when I say "Goodbye" to people close to me and I don't know when I'd be seeing them again. He invited me to Butuan for his birthday but I told him I have the OtakonEK to attend to and I don't have enough VL credits. *sigh*


Sept.19 (Fri)

Hmm, another quote that I came up with because of stress … "Yes, they're like dinosaurs – everything is big except for their brains!!!™"


Sept.20 (Sat)

I registered Irene in place of my Wrath costume for OtakonEK and it's been approved by Azrael.

Rui sent me a text message stating that she'll ship my items on Monday. I got an email from Mannequin Inc. (wig shop) telling me that their store is open Monday-Saturday 'til 7pm. Because of the shift change, I won't be able to visit them! Groan~

Dada fetched me from the office and we had breakfast in McDonald's. We talked about issues going on within our workplace and it seems that we're both having difficulties with the career path we chose. I told him that I'll only stay for six months and then I will start looking for a new job because even though 24/7 offers a high pay, I don't get to enjoy life as it happens. It's really contrary to their motto which is "Work-Life Balance."

We headed to the condo and he took my PSP memory stick so that he can use it to save the installer of the new game he wants me to try out. I told him that I plan not to go home this weekend since we only have 1 day off so it might take a while before I use it.

I asked him to leave his PSP with me so I can play DJ Max but he teasingly refused. He said that if I really wanted his PSP, then I must sing for him! I really hate singing and I get mad when people ask me to do things I don't want to do. I told him that he's abusing his rights as my boyfriend but he just laughed. *sigh* I sang for him anyway – just a few lines from "Runaway" by The Corrs since it was the song being played that time. He put his memory stick on my PSP and that erased the saved data of DJ Max! I dunno exactly what happened but he said maybe it's because his memory stick isn't original or something… @__@


Sept.21 (Sun)

Since Mannequin Inc. is closed right now, I tried checking other wig shops to look for the blond hair similar to Jeiro's. There's Scarlet in Robinson's Galleria. I didn't find what I was looking for but I saw a very gorgeous long curly red wig and it's P5,600! OMG! It's 5x the price of my costume! I didn't have money to buy it so I got out of Galle as quickly as I can and rode a taxi going to the Greenhills Shopping Center. I found a shop there called Lynelle and I think they're the sister-company of Mannequin because the sample photos on their catalogs are the same. I found the wig I was looking for and I got it for P1,500. I hurriedly went back to the condo and I'm glad I didn't get lost!



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