Communication without “words” . . .

"After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, Wall-E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named Eve. Eve comes to realize that Wall-E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, Wall-E chases Eve across the galaxy." Yahoo Movies

WALL-E is a great film! I watched it with my siblings during my day off and I can assure everyone that it's a MASTERPIECE!!! PIXAR has done it again! From the story to technical stuff – it's just AWESOME! All the characters are given importance regardless of how small their roles are and they're really funny. There are some tear-jerker moments as well as valuable lessons we can get. (hmm just rambling here haha!)

I wonder if the future will really be like this. Hmmmm~

*update Dec.3,2008* I bought a 2-disc DVD of WALL-E and it contains some scenes that were scrapped to give way to better ideas. It also has a short film containing BURN-E, the droid that got locked up when WALL-E and EVE entered the AXIOM. LoL!

I give it :

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