Not exactly your type of hero (and movie) . . .

"There are heroes… there are superheroes… and then there's Hancock. With great power comes great responsibility — everyone knows that — everyone, that is, but Hancock. Edgy, conflicted, sarcastic, and misunderstood, Hancock's well-intentioned heroics might get the job done and save countless lives, but always seem to leave jaw-dropping damage in their wake. The public has finally had enough — as grateful as they are to have their local hero, the good citizens of Los Angeles are wondering what they ever did to deserve this guy. Hancock isn't the kind of man who cares what other people think — until the day that he saves the life of PR executive Ray Embrey, and the sardonic superhero begins to realize that he may have a vulnerable side after all. Facing that will be Hancock's greatest challenge yet — and a task that may prove impossible as Ray's wife, Mary, insists that he's a lost cause."Yahoo Movies

This brings much of my disappointment for a film starring Will Smith. It's a great mishap after his success in I am Legend.

The start of the story was great as I saw a never-before-seen plot wherein a supposed-to-be hero is not treated like one by the society… but then, character development was poor (and didn't the director even think of inserting FLASHBACKS?!) which also leads to a not-very-interesting climax and a so-so ending.

I give it :

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