Trip to Enchanted Kingdom 2008


Enchanted Kingdom trip 2008

Event : Teletech Summer Outing 2008
Date : May 18, 2008
Venue : Enchanted Kingdom, Sta.Rosa, Laguna
Photos :

I invited Dada (my boyfriend) to join me in EK since we’ve been planning this for a long time already. Chan-su-desu~

We had a bit of a problem when Dada’s ticket was claimed by another person the day before. I had to talk to several people in charge to give us a spare ticket since it wasn’t our fault that we didn’t receive it anyways. Stupid is the person who gave the ticket to another stupid person without asking for an ID. Of course, it was our ticket, he/she/it should give it to us and to no other! I was so frustrated that I was shedding tears on our way to EK. We then found out that the culprit was one of my teammates. Funny thing was, he saw me on the office premises and he never mentioned about it. I then found out that he “secretly” planned on getting the ticket so he can take his girlfriend along. What a CHEAPSKATE! I swear I’m gonna cut his manhood when I have the chance! That @$$h073 will receive no mercy from WRATH! Haha, just kidding. I will leave the corrective action to my TL. I’m leaving the company after this anyways. When I see him in the new company, THEN I will do some killing! XD

We arrived in EK around 9:45AM. There were already a lot of people and uber long lines for each of the rides. Boohoo~

We saw Lucy (Dada’s friend who’s from Teletech-Roxas) while we’re eating pizza. She then joined us in our adventure~ Weeeee~~~

The rides we took were the Flying Fiesta, Anchor’s Away, Rialto, Theater 4D and Roller Skater. We also stayed in the arcade for a few minutes. We weren’t able to ride the Space Shuttle because of the uber long line and we’re running out of time. T_T

We left EK around 6:30PM and arrrived in Teletech-Novaliches around 7:45PM. ^_^


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