MY SmartBRO Chronicles

Last Monday (April 22, 2008), I lost my internet connection because of the rain. It’s one of those days when I really go berserk (aside from when i call the security guards in our village). It’s been THREE DAYS OF HELL calling their HOT-line. Actually, everytime I call them, I get frustrated.


Monday … I called SmartBRO’s Tech Support to report about my loss of internet connection.

Me : Don’t ask me to troubleshoot. I know MUCH about troubleshooting. Check your base station first because I know it’s your problem.

Agent1 : (upon checking their tools) Yes, ma’am. There’s a problem with the base station in your area. Try reconnecting after an hour or so.

Me : Okay, get me to your Customer Care. I want rebates.

Agent1 : Ay ma’am call us back na lang po when your internet is back so we can apply for rebates. Right now po kasi hindi pa pwede.

Me : Okay…


Monday … 6:30PM … I called Customer Care because the internet is back up. It’s been 3 hours of dead connection.

Me : I want rebates.

Agent2 : Okay ma’am. I will process the rebates now, expect that within 24 hours this will be addressed.


Tuesday …. no response from SmartBRO.


Wednesday … 6AM … I called Customer Care again to check the status.

Me : I want rebates.

Agent3 : Okay ma’am. I will process the rebates now, expect that within 24 hours this will be addressed.

Me : Wait wait … That’s what the previous rep told me… you’re gonna process AGAIN?!?!

Agent3 : Ma’am wala po akong nakikitang report about this. Ngayon ginawan ko na po so expect after 24 hours may confirmation po about this. (#1)

Me : WHAT?!?!  Last time, I had 4 hours of no internet. You didn’t give me rebates. Now, it’s happening AGAIN!

Me : Get me your supervisor! (#2)

Agent3 : Ma’am our supervisor will tell you the same thing. (#3)

Me: I don’t care. Let your supervisor tell me the same thing. I want to speak with him. NOW!

Agent3 : Ma’am nagawan ko na po ng  … (repeat #1)

Me : You don’t need to repeat what you just said. I understand what you said. (#4) (repeat#2)

Agent3 : Ma’am … (repeat#1)

Me : Why don’t you want me to speak with your sup?! Wala ka bang sup?

Agent3 : It’s not that ma’am. (repeat#1)

Me : I told you … (repeat#4)

Agent3 : ma’am… put on hold ko lang po kayo for 3-4 minutes to check on this …

Agent3 : thank you for waiting, ma’am. (repeat#3) (repeat#1)

(basically we went over and over the same sentences for over 30 minutes)

Me : You are not helping me. What is your name? What is your employee ID? (repeat#2)

Agent3 : I can’t give out those info but I am attending to your needs ma’am. (repeat#1)

Me : If you are attending to my needs, get your butt out from your chair and get me your sup. NOW!

Agent3 : (repeat#1)

Me: Pu*********** hindi mo ibibigay supervisor mo?

Agent3: Ma’am I will disconnect this call now.

Agent3 is an UNPROFESSIONAL BITCH! Butting in while I was still talking. She refused to get her supervisor … My mom hears me having an argument on the phone but I was too mad to even think about it during that time. Agent3 dropped the call, basically. WTF, just coz I said P.I. once (which is her fault why I lost my cool anyways) she drops the phone?

A manager is only as good as his subordinates. If Agent3 is like that, I don’t need to wonder what kind of asshole her supervisor would be.


Wednesday … 6:35 AM … I called SmartBRO back.

Me : I want rebates so get me your supervisor. (#5)

Agent4 : ma’am kunin ko lang po yung service reference number ninyo po.

Me : *thinking.. omigod! his voice is cute! but i gotta be firm* Didn’t you hear me? (repeat#5)

Agent4 : yes, ma’am. pero kelangan po namin yung information para ma-pull up account ninyo.

(he convinced me to give info.. but he put me on hold several times i got irritated again. darn, he’s got a cute voice … if not for that, i’d go berserk again.)

Agent4 : na-process na po yung rebates ninyo, ma’am. it will take 15 days bago mag-reflect sa account.(#6)

Me : WHAT?!?! baket ngayon ko lang nalaman yan?! why didn’t the previous rep tell me that?!?

Agent4 : (repeat#6)

Me : I want this addressed immediately. I also have other concerns and I know you can’t help me… I don’t want to take it out on you… but I don’t want to hear your voice anymore. Get me your supervisor!

Agent4 got his supervisor after ANOTHER 30 minutes of trying to pacify me.  I told the supervisor to update me or my mom on the status of the rebate. I also commanded him to make a feedback about Agent3. I dunno if he’s gonna process it though. Anyway, I already did damage to Agent3 by calling back.

Even if it’s just two hours, that’s still a big loss for me because the internet is my stress-reliever. So I WILL get stressed without it. XD


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