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My Friendster Horoscope only tells about money so I'm not gonna paste it here.

Anyway …

It's been a rollercoaster ride this month; sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I don't. Overall, I guess it's been okay.

During the first week, Dada (my boyfriend) and I underwent that "unpleasant phase" [link]. I was really worried and I am thankful because I had my friends and buddies who cheered me up that time. It's the first time I cried inside the company premises and whenever I recall it, I feel really embarassed. I'm glad that's over. Hahaha!

On the second week, we had the company Christmas party [link]. It was a tad bit early but I had fun. I got to know people better and I saw Bamboo perform live. He sang one of my all-time fave songs – 214. *sigh*

Dec.10 … Dada and I met to have a long talk. I thought he would break up with me so I took the advice of my office-buddy – she said I should look my best so I wouldn't feel too bad when that time comes. I felt really happy when Dada hugged me. When I asked him, "Does this mean we're back to normal again?" he said "Yes."

There were a lot more things that happened during the third week … I got sick for almost five days, but I still had to go to work because I can't be absent during the 6-month long training and probationary period. Yes, I (along with 3 of my teammates and some other agents) was transferred to the DELL account by force by our Operations Manager [link]. I was not able to go with my mom and siblings to fetch dad from NAIA as well because of this.

Dec.22 … My parents, siblings and I went to MoA during the weekend to do some shopping. I was able to buy a couple of clothes and accessories (which are all either black or white). Oh yesh, I love these colors! I was hoping to have lunch in the TokyoCafe but they don't serve fish so we went to Congo Grille instead.

Dec.23 … I gave Dada my gift, a grey Skechers™ backpack – with lots of pockets (just as he wanted). I thought he would not accept it because I purchased it from a girlie store, but I'm so glad because he did like my gift. ^_^ We were not able to go shopping for clothes and gifts this week (yet again) because we ran out of time. Sigh, next week we can't go out because our days off are different. Oh well. @_@;

Dec.24 … Well, I just stayed home with my family. There was a bit of a commotion because my Dad got upset when he found out that we don't have any "handa" for the Noche Buena. I told him I can't stay up late as well because I have work tomorrow. We're really not used to preparing stuff during Christmas time and it's always just a regular day for me and my siblings… but since Dad's here, he was expecting more – which he did not get. So as not to make him more disappointed, I told him that I'd be treating them all out for dinner tomorrow. ^_^;

Golly, so many things happened this month!

Despite all the bad stuff that happened, I'M STILL ALIVE!!! Hahaha!


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