Random Stuff again . . .

*originally posted as a comment on one of my online buddies' blog entries, trying really hard to change my Engalog to pure English .. hahaha!*



it's everywhere … scrutinizing someone or something that does not appeal to us is part of being human.

im sure, all of us already said "THAT'S SO UGLY!" or "EEEWWW!" or anything like that at least ONCE.

there will always be people and things that we will not like and we tend to criticize them. if you say that you have never ridiculed anyone or anything in your entire life, then you're not human. you must be a god!



if a person chooses to be with a particular group just because they're all gorgeous and/or rich, then that person is not really after friendship. that person merely wants to fit in, get attention and be popular. common interests, acceptance and care are the foundations of a true friendship.

we cant please everyone. people have different tastes and there will always be conflicts … so, people select their friends … hot chicks and blokes ; cheaps and cheesy ; gorgeous men for beautiful women ; the rich and the famous ; nerds with geeks ; cosplayers and animé otakus (hehehe!) … even so, the reason why they form a particular group that's different from others is because they share the same interests, they feel that they belong and they are happy with each others' company.



i still believe that love, communication and understanding are what keep relationships alive. having a partner who is rich+famous+gorgeous is a big bonus, but it should never be a must. although it's part of human nature to select someone who can give him / her the best things life can offer. that depends on how a person defines "the best things in life" … ^_^



all people are born equal. cliché but that's the truth. we all didnt have clothes and are covered in blood when we appeared in this world. however, we are brought up by our families in different ways. some are well-fed while some are not. some kids are satisfied playing "patintero" while some demand Nintendo Wii's. some are lucky with life, some are unfortunate. some are content, some are never satisfied.

life is never fair so it's up to us on how we can cope up with it.


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