Photo-Theft …

Ahh … I recently got agitated when I read an online buddy's thought about him being dubbed as a "photo-stealer."

Of course, he must've felt angry when he was called a thief … but judging from what I saw, I'd also call him one.

he said …

"Now photographers say that they are “possessive” of their photos, OK, no problem with that, but do know that once you put them photos at the internet, it is now accessible and downloadable to EVERYONE around the world. Don’t be like the eldest brother in the story. Label your photos, and label them well. And to some lazy photographers, if you really are possessive of your photos you will do that. And if you don’t like people in the net using your photos, don’t put them on the net then."

He was referring to his analogy of the "eldest bro leaves bread on the table then youngest bro eats it ; none of the brothers confessed, thus leaving the eldest angry" thing.

Granted that all photos published on the internet are "up for grabs" but at least show a little appreciation to whoever you got the photo from.

Lack of ethics.

What he did was edit the photo, put in the model's name, his website URL and that's it. No credits to the photographer. He put a hyperlink to the source of the photo on his blog entry but I don't think that's enough. I mean, he managed to edit the picture that far, so why didn't he bother including the URL where he got the photo from? If the URL is too long, why not simply put "Photo source : < insert photog's name or website title >" or something like that. What if another person grabs the photo from his blog entry and didn't bother clicking the hyperlink? After a while, that person will forget where he downloaded it.

I'm gonna repeat a part of my comment on his outburst …

"Not all photographers know watermarking techniques. not all of these photographers use digital cameras or photo-editing softwares. A simple credit or recognition is the only 'payment' we give to these awesome photographers. Without them, we will have minimal or no photos at all to post in our websites."

I didn't bother replying to him anymore when he said that he did put credits by adding the hyperlink because it might start a flame war.

… but I hope everyone will get my point.

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