For the Love of Cosplay

I spent the weekend with my friends Mayumi and Maiya. We went to Divisoria, SM North and Munoz scouting for boots, wigs, props, fabric and accessories for our next photoshoot. We were able to find the right things for just the right price but I guess I spent a lot of money and effort for this one. My pocket money is down to 1k and I need that until my next paycheck arrives! Anyways, it was fun and I'm still looking forward to it!

We had some minor setbacks, though… Especially with the theme. Kune and Kes warned us about trying to portray Goth. They said we hafta research more before trying to cosplay these characters. So as not to have a conflict, I told Maiya to change the theme from Goth to Macabre, which is (according to some) more appropriate for our costumes.

Today, I put spray paint on the reiki sword and boots I bought. My folks here were all wondering as to why I am wielding a huge katana. XD

Reiki SwordCross 01Silver BeltMystic RingCross 02

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