License to Wed …

Dada and I were supposed to watch Blades of Glory but then we saw the poster of LTW in Megamall and we thought that since Robin Williams is here then it must be a good movie.

License to Wed has received countless criticisms over the internet because of its cheesy storyline and so-so acting. Nonetheless, I enjoyed watching it.

I was able to relate to the story. In fact, Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) and I have so many similarities… particularly in asking opinions. She will ask her fiancé, Ben Murphy (John Krasinski), to pick an item from her list of choices but when Ben gives an answer, she will choose the other one.

It was similar to me and my boyfriend's case. I was asking him where we wanted to go and spend our date. He said he wanted to visit the Gateway mall in Cubao because he heard that it's a good place…  but then I told him I wanted to go to TriNoma because I like their movie house better. He then said, "If you already have an answer to your question, don't ask for my opinion anymore." XD

I give it :

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