Cosplay + Photoshoot

July 28 – myDESTINY 2nd Annual Cosplay Competition

    I was with my boyfriend during the morning and then we headed to Robinson's Galleria sometime around 12nn. I introduced him to Jeiro, who's already geared up for the cosplay! My boyfriend left shortly after 1pm then Jeiro and I went to search for familiar faces so we can request them to stash our stuff.

    One of the event volunteers approached us and asked us to sign up for the contest. We told her that we just came to costrip, but since we dunno where else to place our bags, we immediately agreed! BAD IDEA! We were asked to stay in a particular area so we weren't able to roam around and take pictures of other cosplayers. We were also asked to introduce our characters on stage and that got me really nervous. I don't like the feeling of being in front of a large crowd.

    We saw Hester during the afternoon so after the catwalk, we immediately left the fountain area and headed to the FHL Furniture stall, where we held a mini-photoshoot. Then we stayed in Chaicofi before we changed clothes and went home.

July 29 -  Hikarian Maidens Photoshoot

    I told Maiya that I only wanted to go as a backup photographer, but since she said there are already 5 photographers present, I should just join them as models instead. Yesterday, I spoke to the other model and I thought she didn't want me to join them so I got pissed off… but that's settled and we continued with the shoot.

    The 5 photographers were Jake, Leo, Homer, Erving and Lawrence. There were supposed to be six or so models but only 3 of us showed up (Maiya, Faye and me).

    Faye said we're supposed to hold the photoshoot in UP-Diliman but I told them that based on experience, it's not comfy. Either the weather is too hot or too cold in UP. So, we headed to Faye's house instead. We thought that Faye's mom will not like the idea of us holding the photoshoot there, but I was wrong. She even provided us make-up and gave me extra accessories. Hahaha!

    I left my camera at home and I didn't get the chance to take some shots but I enjoyed being a model. It's really fun!!! Here are the photos taken by Erving [link]


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4 responses to “Cosplay + Photoshoot

  1. Very nice! *claps* Nasabi ko na toh sa multiply but I'll say it again. Ganda ng costrip niyo. Very well done. Hinde nga siya mukhang pang costrip lang.
    ^__^ Go Meiko! Go Jeiro!

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