Respect Other People’s Opinions !!!

This is a post-birthday outbirk … and quite a shallow one…

In one forum I am subscribed in, there's a thread about "Evolution of Man" and of course, it asks about opinions as to if you either believe on the Theory of Evolution or God's Powers.

link to the thread here

The thing is, there's this uberly acting-know-it-all girl who replied after my post and it was soooo obvious that she was directing it to ME. I told her that it's not my problem is she doesn't dig my opinion and she said I made it my problem to outbirk! Fuck, it's obvious she started it!

I mean, whaddahell is it with people? Why don't they learn to respect the opinion of others?

Don't they know they can't force everyone to believe to what they believe in?

It's ludicrous!!!

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5 responses to “Respect Other People’s Opinions !!!

  1. Ahahaha! You know what I find people like those pitiful. Everybody has different opinions. There is no total right nor total wrong. Kasi naman respect lang ang kailangan ng mga tao. Kaya nagkakaron ng mga wars kasi walang respect eh

  2. yeah… that's something she did not understand… RESPECT… and to think she believes in God. she doesn't practice what she's learned, perhaps.

  3. >.> stupid, kaya nga opinions eh, kaya nga "opinion" ang tawag… and tama RESPECT sheesh not all people think alike! kaya nga unique bawat isa satin eh pfffff…

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