Either it’s an OMEN or I just did something stupid …

    I left home around 2:30 PM, an hour earlier than my routine. I wanted to pass by SM Fairview because I plan to buy a new digicam that I can use for my proceeding hobby.

    I rode an FX so that I'd get there in less than 10 minutes, but I guess my calculation was wrong. The damn driver stopped by the terminal that's just a few meters away from SM so he can get something (I dunno what that was). I wanted to run towards the SM entrance but to do that, I had to cross the busy highway! So, I waited for about 3 minutes until he returned.

    Upon reaching SM, I headed to a shop (I forgot the name) where they're selling the Sony Cybnershot dsc-w55 for 20k. I was sooooo tempted to buy it already and I didn't hesitate as I told the lady, "Sige, ate. Kunin ko na 'yan." I was about to pay it when the cashier told me that they can't process it because they don't support my ATM card. So, I had no choice but to withdraw money. Golly, I was so scared bringing out that much moolah in public!

    I reached the 1st BDO ATM in less than a minute, but there were a lot of people ahead of me. When there're only about two people left, all of a sudden the ATM stopped dispensing money! I was in panic as I looked for another ATM. The second one I found also ran out of cash so I moved to the third. Upon reaching the 3rd ATM, I suddenly received an error message "Exceeded maximum number of attempts" and apparently I was entering a wrong PIN code! I forgot that the PIN for my savings account is different from my payroll account! ~__~ ;;;;

    I left the mall empty-handed and I found myself staring blankly into space, wishing I could turn back time even for just a bit.

    So there…

    Either an omen tells me that what I found was not a good deal…

    … or I was just too stupid.


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2 responses to “Either it’s an OMEN or I just did something stupid …

  1. I think its not for you. Nangyayari ang ganyan sa akin sobra. I know kung hinde ko dapat bilhin kapag meron bumabalandra^__^ Don't worry you'll find another camera with a better, cheaper price.

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