Trip to Baguio 2007 …

Day 1 – May 10, 2007

    2:19 AM, I woke up late because my alarm clock did not ring. I got out of the sleeping quarters and looked for my team mates, but they're all gone. Apparently, they all headed to the bus station – without me. I called my TL and asked for directions. 3:00AM, I rode a taxi going to Cubao, hoping I'd catch up with them. 3:45AM, I found them all waiting in the lounge. 4:00AM, the bus left and headed to Baguio. I slept most of the time and didn't bother looking at the scenery.

    11:00AM, the bus arrived in Baguio. We then rode a jeepney going to Hancock – Tip Top, where our transient house is located. After we unpacked our things, TL said we'll go shopping in SM-Baguio. I brought my digicam, cellphone and wallet with me so I could take pics and buy stuff. Ish and I had lunch in Kamimura, a Japanese food joint, while the rest of them went to Pizza Hut. Afterwards, we bought some things in the grocery. Since some of the guys took a while to shop, I decided to pass by Surplus and browse for some clothes. When I got back, they're GONE! I informed them of where I'd go but they didn't bother telling me that they're gonna leave already. WTF, this is the second time I got ditched by "my team mates." Some others were left behind too so I rode a cab with them.

    When we reached the transient house, I immiediately borrowed the heater and took a long bath. Then after dinner, the Miss-41 mini-pageant started. My TL asked all of us to introduce ourselves but I told them I don't wanna take part in it… It's just not my cup of tea. I became their photographer instead.

    Its was 2AM and I felt tired. The front gate is locked and there's no other way to our room so I called our teammate who has the key to open it. She said "sandali lang" as she asked another teammate if she's also gonna use the front gate. Unfortunately, Ms.Drunk#1 is already too drunk and crashed in another person's couch instead. I waited for Ms.Keyholder for about 5 minutes but she still hasn't opened the gate. I'm really fuckin tired. I sat down as I waited some more. After about 5 minutes, Ms.Drunk#2 went downstairs and said she needed to pee. Ms.Keyholder and some others followed and tried to pacify her. Of course, that again prevented me from getting out of the gate! Ms.Keyholder kept saying sorry to me but I'm not buying it. If she opened the gate immediately in the first place, none of this happened.

Day 2 – May 11, 2007

    The team went to several places, viewed some sights, took pictures and bought stuff. I went to Maharlika with Mommy Gem, Ish, Ifliza, Salvy, Zelle and her family. I was able to buy some clothes and souvenirs that amounted to less than 500 bucks. I saw a gorgeous katana in one of the shops, but it's worth 3.5K so I felt disappointed. Besides, If I buy that, the security guards in the bus station might confiscate it. ~__~

    Going back to the transient house was a tough one. Not only it was raining, taxi drivers became assholes and are getting picky with their passengers. After an hour or so of waiting, we decided to go to the jeepney terminal instead. It was gruesome as we walked 3 overpasses while we're drenched. I managed to keep my cellphone and digicam dry throughout the ordeal. Thank goodness we're able to make it. I immediately went to the shower and took a bath – without using the heater.

    Salvy decided to sleep with me and the folks downstairs because she said she felt something in the second floor. I just laughed as she explained to me what that is. We had a little chit-chat before we went to bed. She thought I am a femme because I am "astig" when I'm on The Floor. After talking for a bit, she realized that I'm the absolute opposite of what she first thought of me. But I did confess to her that I love it when people think I'm a lesbian. It only means I look cool.

Day 3 – May 12, 2007

    Everything seemed well today. We go to several more parks, took pictures, bought strawberries and peanut brittles. I didn't take a bath anymore since it's getting late and I just packed my stuff. We arrived at the bus station around 2:30PM. The bus left by 3PM.

    This time, I wasn't able to sleep and I often took pictures of the scenery. It was still raining and there was so much air pressure as the bus cruised down the mountain that I thought my eardrums would burst! I called Dada several times to update him as to where I was.

    I got home by 11PM and I greeted Tita a Happy Birthday. I gave her a t-shirt and a cigarette case. Leidi prepared a strawberry shake for me and Popay. I then had a little chit-chat with Dada (and we planned for our date the next day).

    Thank goodie, I'm home!!! There's no place like home!!!


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