Weekend Movie (Spiderman 3) …

Spiderman 3

    Dada and I watched Spiderman 3 in SM Fairview. Six or seven out of twelve cinemas there contains this movie and even so, they're still jam-packed with people! We watched the last full show so that we'll be sure to have plenty of seats to choose from.

    So how's the movie? I'm not really a Spidey-fan so I dunno how the real story goes. The effects are awesome but I felt really dizzy because the fight scenes were like 500 frames-per-sec or somethin'. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) looked really emo-ish when Venom chose him as its host! As for the plot, well, it's very random but predictable. You know what's gonna happen next and you'll know who died and who didn't. "If you don't see a dead body (or a funeral) then he's still alive!" is what Dada tells me. Hahaha!

I give it :

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