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** friends and family ONLY **

    Oh my gawwwwlllllliiiiiiiiii! I got home from work this morning and had a long conversation with a SmartBRO tech support agent named Mandrake and found out that my email address from them is not yet activated so I can't modify my account information; and that they use Dynamic IP addressing as their protocol so it causes my router to be booted out of their Station more often than not..! and when I finally got online, I found a baffling message sa friendster from someone named Kay.

    I dunno if I should be ecstatic or if I should think that this may be a con of some sort… This is the content of the message I got ….

Hello and good day.

You have a nice pic there and we would be honored if you would give us permission to feature your account as a potential personal pic account of the month. It would also give you a chance to win 500 pesos worth of load from any network. Details are simple. We will be featuring your account on our site along with 2 other hopefuls. There will be online voting for one whole month to determine who will be the featured Personal Pic Account for the month being voted upon.

How can one win? Well you can clearly make some moves to ensure your victory. It is not totally out of your hands. Simply log on to the site, post some messages and vote for yourself then invite all your friends online to register at the site. When they become active posters then they can also vote for your account. It’s as simple as that.

If you have any other questions and wish to express your interest in joining up, just email us at – – Just leave your name, personal pic account email and contact number (preferably the number wherein we will be sending the load to if you win) or you can also send the details to 0918 446-98-15.

We are relatively new and we are doing this solely for the promotion of our site. We hope you consider this opportunity and join in the online voting contest.

If you wish to add us here. Our email for this account is –

Please check out – – for more details.

If you want you can give out your contact number. Do not worry any information you will give is strictly confidential.

Thank you,

From the administrator of 1K Club Forums.


    BTW, the photos I posted in my friendster account are from our recent Cosplay_Panic Mafia photoshoot (and some personal ones). @__@

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