Trip to Grotto

    Last time I remember going to Grotto was when I was in 6th Grade and that was when my playmates from Bagong Silang invited me over to join them. I recall that it was 2 AM when we rode a trike going there so it was still dark. When we did the Station of the Cross, we just followed a white flag with a torch on it so we wouldn't get lost.

    After 13 years, I return to this solemn place with Dada and his relatives. It's not really my thing to do this yearly pilgrimage as I am agnostic, but I am thankful to Dada's parents for inviting me over. I got a chance to take pictures using my sister's Premier DS-3087S and my Nokia N70. It's another great experience for me and I will treasure this forever.

Enjoying the Scenery ...

    It's like I'm back in Mindoro, with all the towering trees and grasses. The Stations of the Cross were also a good sight. Tita Bituin and Tito Oscar (Dada's parents) asked me to read the contents of the 8th Station… I was really nervous! Thank goodness it didn't rain or everything will be ruined! The weather was relatively hot and I was really sweating. Dada constantly wiped my face with his towel and offered me food and drinks. He also carried my bag. ^_^

Planning to Step on the Next Level …

    After the Station of the Cross, we headed back to the Picnic Area to rest and have something to drink. Dada and I had a little talk too.

     He said that we should always resist temptations because he does not want to end up like his brother. I have no qualms with that because it's for our own good naman e.

    He told me that he wants us to plan our future carefully now that he's graduating. We decided to save enough money so we can settle down. I told him that it's okay if we just have a civil wedding as long as we can have a house of our own. He smiled when he remembered about his promise to me a few years back — that we'll get married once I'm 25. Hahaha! It's a nice thought, but I'm in no hurry like I always tell him.

    A few days more and it'll be our 3rd Year Anniversary. Weeee!!!

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