Cosa Nostra (Mafia aftermath) . . .

The Wait…

    Haha! 7am daw… Mmffftt! 7AM I was still dozing off and dreaming. I left the house around 9AM already, been constantly blocked by the MRT security guards asking all sorts of questions as to why I was carrying an MP5 in public. "Manong, ORANGE yung nozzle o. Toy gun lang po yan!" Upon reaching Market Market, Hester and I strolled around and did some shopping. The Panic folks also bought some stuff before we headed to the venue. It was 12:30PM or so when we reached Chi's place.

The Mansion…

    OMG! My dream house! It's huge! It's just perfect for the photoshoot, especially on the 2nd floor. It has the vanity mirror of all vanity mirrors! Haayyy, nakakainggit si Chi. X___X

The Photoshoot…

    Heheheh! Masaya! I didn't expect to see Louie there too! Grabe may nadagdag na namang GAY (este, lesbian pala)! Hahahah! Nandun din si Kuya Lawrence. Golly! ^_^ It was a long, exhausting yet exciting day. Darn, my digicam ran out of batteries even before the pictorial started. Haayyyy… Pengeng pics na lang ulit! X___X

The Family …

    Not really official… eto lang yung medyo malapit.. hahaha!

    Hester = Capo di Tutti Capi (Boss of All Bosses)
    Shinji = Capo Bastone (Beat Head – Underboss)
    Angel = Consigliere – (Counselor/Advisor.. pero sa totoo sexy-tary yan XD)
    Louie = Capo Crimine (Crime Boss)
    Chi = Consigliere – (Counselor/Advisor… pero Lawyer daw e… hahaha!)
    Shin = Uomini D'onore – ("Men of Honor")
    Faye = Uomini D'onore – ("Men of Honor")
    Meiko = Soldati (The Soldier)

Aftermath …

    Thanks to Louie sa paghatid. Hahaha! Dinner in Tokyo-Tokyo with Angel, Shin and Hester. Sarap! Haayy.. Nakatulog ako sa bus pauwi. Sakit din ng paa ko coz of the boots. @__@ Pero masaya. Weeee!!

Up Next …

    Pirates Photoshoot!!! Weeee!

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4 responses to “Cosa Nostra (Mafia aftermath) . . .

  1. ang engot ng guard >_> kung magdadala ka ng baril syempre yung tago diba?? XD
    yeah gusto ko din yung mirrors!!!!!! dame ^^
    ako din po pagamit nun titles pag nag-edit ako pics 😀

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