Dyahe naman talaga!!! Grrrrrr!!! >__<


Emo Dolls that will make Barbie cry~!!!

    I was lookin' at my deviantART account when I stumbled upon a famous blog entry from one of my favorite artists and she included there a picture of a very cool doll – the BJD. I got so intrigued because these porcelain FF-like figurines look awesome! They're like mini-cosplayers… ehem.. mini-emo-cosplayers! Mmmmm~~~ X3

    I searched the Internet for more info and I found out that they cost thrice as much as my cellphone unit. Urrrgghhh!!! Alodia said she bought BJD's for 50k each (she currently has three daw). Wow! @__@ Si Shinji rin meron… and Chi! Huhuhuu~ Inggit ako T__T

    I really want to have my own BJD so I plan to save money and order one from Luts for my birthday. Hahahaha! That is kung may topak pa rin ako…  Either that or save money for cosplays na lang! XD

Huge Pimple!!! Grrrrr!!!! >__<

    According to our Team Leader, I have to lead an open forum in the office tomorrow (regarding how to meet the metrics and all that) but I have this HUGE pimple in my nose! It's so irritating! My team mates might just focus looking at it and not listen to what I'm gonna say in front of them. Aside from that, there's also the photoshoot this Saturday. I hope the concealer will work wonders. Dyahe talaga! Huhuhuuuu~~~ T____T

Naruto~Narutards —- Ninja-Inspired Photoshoot!!!

    I'm a Naruto fan but I don't have a huge /no1 sign on my head. I don't have any clothes nor items related to this animé. I was really surprised when Ash announced the photoshoot plans in the ML. Hehehehee~ Good thing I still have my Fei Feiring costume and my 10-year old nunchaku. I wasn't able to find my arnis and my kodachi though. Sayang!

Sana Saturday naaaaaaaa!!!!!

    Like Ash-kun and Angel-san… I can't sleep! I'm so hyped-up with our group's upcoming activity this Saturday. Photoshoot and Pool Party on the same day! Wheeeee~~~ Maybe lack of sleep is the reason why I got the huge pimple too. Boohoohoo~ T___T Anyway… I'll check the stuff we'll need once I get home from our Friday shift. Sana makatulog ako nang maayos! @__@

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8 responses to “Dyahe naman talaga!!! Grrrrrr!!! >__<

  1. I'ved always wanted a BJD rin but feeling ko pag sasawaan ko agad eh (T-T) and it costs a lot pa. I can go to Japan with that kind of money na eh.Alhtough, if I'll buy one I'll buy an MNF Shiwoo or a Homme Ducan or a Camine or a Sha. But DoTs are so freakin big that I just want to stick to MSDs.Hinde ka nag issa sa pimplex issue. I have so many blemishes sobra. (T-T) Thank God for make-up.

  2. Yun nga lang…:/ Pro may SD Molds naman na cute e..Like Kun XD si Kun, FCS 16 and school A lang gusto ko sa Volks. LOL so kung magkakatotoo man 3 ang Volks doll ko kung sakali..ahaha XD

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