Sai Nin Fai Luk!

     It's Sunday! Dada and I met up in SM – Megamall for our post-Valentine date. I saw Dada waiting in the Powerbooks entrance and I hugged him really tight. He's so fragrant! ^_^

    We had lunch in Komoro Soba and ordered our usual Katsudon, California Maki and Iced Tea. The restaurant is cramped with people so we were forced to sit next to the drinking station. @_@

Sai Nin Fai Luk!

    After watching the movie, Dada and I strolled around the mall and we heard some drum noises and saw three Dancing Dragons entering each of the boutiques. Dada said that it's a Chinese tradition for the dragon to enter and take a sphere (in this case, any item) and then it'll bring good luck to the shop owner. I almost forgot that my boyfriend is partly Chinese. Hahaha! This is the first time I saw the dragon up-close so I took the chance of taking a candid shot. Kung Hei Fat Choi! Sai Nin Fai Luk! San Thai Gin Hong! (hehehe, whatever that means XD)

Post-Valentine Date

     After following the dragons, Dada and I headed to the skating rink. He promised me that we'll go ice skating… but then, he changed his mind and he said he can't let me skate because I'm wearing a skirt. Aww boo! Excuses excuses~

    Anyway, we headed elsewhere and talked about some serious stuff. I told him my worries again, especially now that he's on his last semester and once he starts working, we may not have time to see each other. On the contrary, he said that we'll be able to meet up more frequently since he's got time in his hands. He told me that we should start saving money now for our future. Awww~~~ <:3

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