Ghost Rider . . .

Dada and I watched Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes. I told Dada that I read some reviews over the Internet last night that it's not a good movie but he said, "It's Nicholas Cage. It's a must-see!"

    I really am not a Ghost Rider fan so I pretty much have no idea how it all started. For what I know, the Ghost Rider is a demon sent out by the Devil himself to collect evil souls. In the movie, the previous Ghost Rider did not deliver The Contract to the Devil for he knows that he'll use it for evil intentions. Thus, the Devil approached Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage), a young circus-biker-dude, made a "deal" and sent him to look for The Contract. Johnny lost his father because of the deal and he searched for "a sign" so he can atone for his mistakes.

    The story is so-so, corny at some points because of the soap-opera-like dialogue, and you'll prolly say "Is that it?!" everytime the Ghost Rider kills his enemies. The CG effects are AWESOME, though, especially on the part when he drove his motorbike up to the building's penthouse and when he used his chain-whip to get down from there. Overall, I give it a "B" ^_^ *SPOILER END!!!*

I give it :

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