One Lazy Afternoon…

     Cosplay Panic planned to attend Final Fantasy Reunion this afternoon but when I sent a message to Shiro-san, she said Shinji is currently sick and she's not sure if she's going as well. I came to the conclusion that I'd just let it pass and do something else today.

    My siblings and I went to SM Fairview around 6PM and went shopping!!! Our first stop was Cinderella and there's a black skirt on the corner that caught my attention. I didn't buy it yet because I was thinking that none of my blouses will go well with it and I don't have sandals to match it too. We then headed to several other boutiques but none of them seemed okay. The quality of the fabric isn't too good in most of the shops we visited.

    Finally, we entered the Department Store and there I found this red polo-blouse with Chinese writings in the HOTKISS stall (and it's just my size!). Leidi also bought a t-shirt there. Then we went to National Bookstore where I bought Energizer batteries for Leidi's digicam and a Ragnarok Animation diary for Popay. After that, I dragged them back in Cinderella to purchase the skirt. When I tried it on, my initial reaction was "Oh my!!! JROCK ang dating ha!" so I didn't hesitate on buying it anymore. I also bought two new bags from Heart Strings and I got a free make-up kit because of that. I was also supposed to buy new sandals but there isn't much time left and the mall was gonna close soon. So, I asked Leidi if I can just borrow the sandals she wore on her JS Prom for my date with Dada tomorrow and she said it's okay.

    When I got home, I called Dada and asked him if our post-Valentine date will push through tomorrow. He told me that it will and our meet time will be 10AM in Powerbooks – SM Megamall. Golly, I'm so excited! He said we'll be watching Ghost Rider and then it's the usual "bahala na si Batman" regarding where we'll go next.

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4 responses to “One Lazy Afternoon…

  1. Happy Chinese New Year Meiko!!! *hugs* Yeah nakakainis talaga at hinde nakapunta ang cosplay panic sa FF reunion (T-T) But I guess its for the best na rin siguro. Sana mag meet tayo this weekend kasi sobrang miss na miss ko na kayo. Kahit hinde for cosplay basta magkitakita tayo as a group.

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